Beautiful Girlhood Giveaway

My own mom became a mom one month shy of her 15th birthday.  Her mother was also a young bride.  I, too, got married at 17.  I hope that my daughter breaks that family tradition and holds out!

Most girls that marry young do so because they are looking for affirmation from someone else.  They feel that they have to jump at this opportunity to be loved by a man.  The key to breaking this is to ensure that they are comfortable with themselves and that, if at all possible, they have two loving and informed parents that work diligently to train their children up in God’s word and in God’s love.

As previously mentioned in Men Don’t Leave, daddies play a special role in their daughter’s lives.  Now it’s time to focus on the part that mothers play.

Here is a lovely giveaway that focuses on helping you helping your daughter become a godly woman.  This is specifically for the girls that are in the between years of 9 – 13.  So much can be gained or lost in that short window of time.  Make every moment count!

Click here to read more about the giveaway and to participate!  Even if you don’t have a daughter in this category, I’m sure you know someone who does.


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