Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

My husband left this morning in the RV to go start his new job.  Tomorrow will be his first official day as chaplain at the new unit.   I am so proud for him!  We’ll be joining him, but not just yet.

It’s been one long day, because I’ve just been waiting on him to come home.  My day is incomplete.  He’s not going to walk through the door, kiss me, and then get tackled by the children.  He’s not going to stay awake until I finally come to bed, because he can’t go to sleep without me.  I’m not going to have him to throw my leg over, easing this bit of pain in my back.  “You complete me” was never so true.

I’ll have to get the kids ready for church all by myself.  I won’t have him to share coffee with on our 30 minute drive to church.  I won’t get to listen to him lead worship service, looking stellar in one of his vintage ties.  I won’t have him to embarrass with whatever crazy thing I might say tomorrow.  : )  Actually, I don’t think he gets embarrassed anymore.  After 12 years, the surprised look has begun to fade.

I haven’t spent more than two nights away from him in over ten  years.  He is my support.  He is still my desire after everything we’ve been through.  He is still my best friend.

So many years ago, “our song” was “Leaving on a Jet Plane“.  Not the horrible original version, though, but the one by Chantal Kreviazuk.  Whether it’s in an RV or a jet plane is beside the point.  The point is that he’s there, and I’m here.

The good news, though, is that the RV did great!  We had some issues getting it ready Thursday, and we stayed up until 2 in the  morning scratching our heads and installing belts, researching belt diagrams on line, etc.  We finally went to bed, puzzled.  When he woke up Friday morning, he knew just what he needed to do to fix it, and it worked.  PTL!

It took more gas money than we had figured, so next week’s posts are going to center around “Sell all that ye have, and give to the poor.”  We will stand in as the poor.  We are already following Him.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed

  1. It’s been exhausting here without my wife. I wake up every couple of hours because she isn’t beside me. I miss her smell. (she smells like cookies). I miss that “i know what your thinking” look she has. And yes I do get embarrassed still but it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I miss my wife. ILY Melly!!

    • All I want to know is–white chocolate macadamia nut or plain vanilla? Love you and can’t wait to see you this weekend! When me and Gigi get there, we’ll be sleeping triple in a double bed. : ) ILY4E!

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